Thursday, April 9, 2009

Bubble Bubble. . .POP!

Well, the girls have finally discovered how to blow bubbles with their gum. Now they have an obsession with the chewy/sticky stuff. It has always been a bit of a battle with when and where, but it has seriously gone up a few notches since mastering the bubble. Both of them didn't want to give up their magical piece of gum when it came to shower time or even dinner time. It's a pretty funny scene when you see your six year old lathering her head, with gum bits on her lips, and trying to push her tongue through the gum ever so carefully in order to blow a big bubble - in the shower at that. Can you say Valley Girl?

My youngest was asking at 9am if she could "Please" have a piece of gum. Seriously?! Every waking moment now they're hounding me - morning, afternoon and evening. If I allowed them, they would go to bed blowing bubbles. But then morning would be an absolute disaster and well, we're not even gonna go there.

I always wait, in anticipation, of what the next 'obsession' will be - the next 'must have'. Because I know that next week, there will be something new. Stay tuned. . .

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